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VIP offers the unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of low income Philadelphia residents. We provide resources to assist you throughout the case, including mentors, interpreters, law students and training materials. VIP has included potential core competencies that staff anticipate volunteer counsel would achieve by taking the case, but these experiences are not guaranteed. Every VIP case provides an opportunity for direct client contact and case management. Join the VIP team by taking a case!

If you are interested in taking one of the following cases, please click on the case number to send an email to the VIP staff. Thank you!


  • 14-0036477
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client, who is elderly, needs assistance with a divorce matter. Client/wife and OP/husband were married in 1963. They have two adult children in common. The parties have been residing in the same home, but living separate and apart since then 2006.  The marital estate includes a jointly titled house in which the parties live, modest bank accounts, credit card debt, pensions, and retirement benefits. OP initiated the divorce several years ago. Client is very responsive.

    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Factual Development and Investigation

  • 14-0035402
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution
    Client/Husband and OP/Wife were married in September 1997. OP has retained counsel and has filed a divorce complaint which was served on the client in March 2014.  Although OP filed a 3301(d) Affidavit alleging an earlier separation date, to which the client filed a Counter-Affidavit, the parties have agreed to sign Affidavits of Consent. The marital estate includes the increase in value on the house OP purchased a few years before the parties married.  The client has filed an Answer and Counterclaim to perfect his claims for alimony and equitable distribution. Opposing counsel has filed the Certification for a Hearing before the Equitable Distribution Master.
    Core Competencies: Courtroom Experience, Factual Development and Investigation
  • 14-0035978
    Urgent Need
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution
    Client/wife and OP/husband were married in November 1997 and separated in January 2012. Client and OP have one adult child. Client has suffered physical and emotional abuse from OP. OP is represented by counsel and has initiated a divorce action. Divorce grounds have been approved. Client has filed a 3301(d) affidavit contesting OP's alleged date of separation and a counterclaim seeking division of assets. The marital estate includes a car, bank account, pension, tax debt and the deficiency judgment resulting from the sheriff’s sale of the former marital home.  There is a hearing date incident to OP's Motion to Compel Interrogatories which is scheduled for a hearing before Judge Ford for February 5, 2015 at 9 am. The client would like assistance at this hearing and in obtaining her share of the marital estate. 
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing; Courtroom Experience
  • 14-0036214
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution
    Client/Wife and OP/Husband married in 1993 and currently reside together in a house acquired by client/Wife in 1980. Client/Wife says parties have not lived as husband and wife for several years and have separate bank accounts. Client/Wife filed for a PFA, which was dismissed in August 2014. The marital estate includes increase in value of home client purchased before marriage, OP/husband’s pension, and car titled in OP/husband’s name. Client needs assistance in obtaining a divorce.
    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings; Client Interviewing


  • 14-0036435
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/wife and OP/husband were married in April 2008 and separated in July 2014. They have two minor children, ages 2 and 4. Client is not currently employed. OP is employed and represented by counsel. He initiated a divorce in October 2014. The marital estate includes two vehicles, modest bank accounts, loans, OP’s 401(k), OP’s retirement account, and significant credit card debt. Client is seeking an attorney to represent her in the divorce proceedings.
    Core Competencies: Discovery Practice, Negotiation Skills

  • 14-0036090
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/Wife and OP/Husband were married in October 1983 and separated in June 2007. The parties have no children together, and neither is currently employed. OP is retired and receives two pensions. Client, who is elderly and awaiting a liver transplant, currently receives support from OP. Client was previously the victim of domestic abuse from OP, but does not have a current PFA order in place. The marital estate includes a house, a car, and bank and credit card accounts. Both parties have liens with the IRS. Client would like assistance in obtaining a divorce and the appropriate economic relief.
    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Discovery Practice

  • 14-0035793
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/wife and OP/husband were married in 2000 and separated in July 2008. They have no minor children. Client has been the victim of domestic abuse by OP. OP filed for divorce in May 2014. Marital property includes a home and two vehicles. There are also significant debts, including credit card debt, student loan debt, and a home equity loan on the marital home. OP is represented by counsel.
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing, Factual Investigation and Development

  • 14-0035341
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/Wife and OP/Husband were married in August 1992 and separated in May 2006. They are the parents of three children, one of which is a minor.  The marital estate includes a house in OP’s name, modest bank accounts, credit card debt, and retirement benefits. A divorce action has already been started. OP is represented by counsel.
    Core Competencies: Discovery Practice, Factual Development and Investigation


  • 14-0036323

    Client seeks assistance obtaining guardianship of her son who is diagnosed with mental retardation. Client would like guardianship to make medical and financial decisions on his behalf. Client expects the guardianship to be uncontested and a physician is available to provide written testimony.

    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Courtroom Experiences


  • 14-0036418
    Urgent Need

    Client resides in a property titled in her deceased parents’ names. Client’s father died in 1986, and client’s mother died in 2010. Client is one of four sibling heirs. One of her brothers died with no surviving heirs. Client’s surviving siblings are willing to allow client to administer the estate and to transfer their interest in the property to client.  Another VIP attorney is already assisting client with invalidating a fraudulent conveyance of the same property.  However, that quiet title complaint cannot be filed until client is named personal representative of her mother’s estate.  Thus, client needs immediate assistance raising her mother’s estate.  Client will later need assistance in completing the estate administration, after the quiet title action has returned the property to her mother’s estate.

    Core Competencies: Administrative Agency Practice, Client Interviewing