Available Cases

VIP offers the unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of low income Philadelphia residents. We provide resources to assist you throughout the case, including mentors, interpreters, law students and training materials. VIP has included potential core competencies that staff anticipate volunteer counsel would achieve by taking the case, but these experiences are not guaranteed. Every VIP case provides an opportunity for direct client contact and case management. Join the VIP team by taking a case!

If you are interested in taking one of the following cases, please click on the case number to send an email to the VIP staff. Thank you!


  • 14-0035672
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/Wife and OP/Husband were married in February 2005. OP filed for divorce in 2012. OP was living with client up until June 8, 2014, when OP moved out of the former marital home; however, OP filed a 3301(d) Affidavit alleging a different date. Divorce decree was entered, but client was able to get decree opened. Client has filed Counter-affidavit and counterclaim.  The client is not currently employed; OP is employed. The marital estate would include the increase in value in OP’s pre-marital real estate and the marital portion of OP’s retirement benefits. OP is represented by counsel.

    Core Competencies: Discovery Practice, Factual Development and Investigation

  • 13-0034572
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/Wife and OP/Husband were married in July 2007 and separated in March 2013. They are the parents of two children ages 5 and 4. The marital estate includes the marital portion of OP’s retirement benefits and debt. No divorce action has been initiated. Client would like assistance in obtaining a divorce and her share of the marital estate. 
    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Discovery Practice

  • 14-0035792
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution
    Client/Wife and OP/Husband were married in June 2012 and have lived separate and apart since November 2013. Client and OP have two minor children. Client has suffered physical and emotional abuse from OP. Client has a PFA against OP. OP is incarcerated because he assaulted client. Client needs assistance in filing for divorce and seeks representation in divorce proceedings. The marital estate includes the increase in the value of the pre-marital home.
    Core Competencies: Negotiation Skills, Courtroom Experience
  • 14-0035978
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/wife and OP/husband were married in November 1997 and separated in January 2012. Client and OP have one adult child. Client has suffered physical and emotional abuse from OP. OP is represented by counsel and has initiated a divorce action. Client has filed a 3301(d) affidavit contesting OP's alleged date of separation and a counterclaim seeking division of assets. The marital estate includes a car, bank account, pension, tax debt and the deficiency judgment resulting from the sheriff’s sale of the former marital home.
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing; Courtroom Experience

  • 14-0036075
    Divorce with Equitable Distribution

    Client/wife and husband/OP were married in 1991 and have one minor child. Client filed for divorce in December 2012. Client claims the parties then reconciled and the final date of separation was March 2014. Marital property includes a home, a home equity loan, two vehicles, modest bank accounts, and OP's pension and 401(k). OP filed for bankruptcy and was discharged in May 2014. Client would like assistance in obtaining a divorce and her share of the marital estate.
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing, Discovery Practice



  • 14-0035872
    Small Business/Employment

    Client is the owner of a small franchise in New Jersey with a satellite location in Philadelphia. The business hand delivers cookies throughout the Philadelphia region and occasionally requires temporary workers to assist. Client needs the assistance of a volunteer attorney with reviewing the procedures used to on-board temporary help and to draft any necessary contracts to improve this process.
    Core competencies: Factual Development and Investigation

  • 14-0036220

    Client is a nonprofit focused on meeting the needs of women and children impacted by domestic violence. Client provides community education, assists victims develop important independent life skills, and provides assistance in navigating resources available to victims. Client also specializes in art therapy to help survivors cope with traumatic life events. Client would like counsel in navigating ongoing employee negotiations and assistance in creating a standardized employment agreement for the future.
    Core Competencies: Factual Development and Investigation


  • 14-0035977
    Urgent Need

    Clients, an engaged couple, seek guardianship of mother's 18-year old daughter, who has been diagnosed with mental disabilities. Clients need to be appointed guardians to make medical and financial decisions on the AIP's behalf. They also seek to place the AIP in a safe and supportive residential environment. The AIP's doctor has confirmed in writing that he believes the AIP is incapacitated.
    Core Competencies: Courtroom Experience, Draft Pleadings

  • 14-0035907

    Client seeks guardianship of his mother, who suffers physical and mental disabilities due to dementia. Client needs to become guardian so he can continue to make medical decisions for his mother and pay her bills. A physician is available to provide written testimony.

    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing, Courtroom Experience

  • 14-0035895

    Client seeks guardianship of her mother, who had a stroke in 2011 and has been incapacitated for almost three years. Client's stepfather was taking care of client's mother until he became ill and passed away this year. Client's mother is unable to make her own decisions, and client seeks guardianship in order to manage her finances and her health. A physician is available to provide testimony.
    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Courtroom Experience