Available Cases

VIP offers the unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of low income Philadelphia residents. We provide resources to assist you throughout the case, including mentors, interpreters, law students and training materials. VIP has included potential core competencies that staff anticipate volunteer counsel would achieve by taking the case, but these experiences are not guaranteed. Every VIP case provides an opportunity for direct client contact and case management. Join the VIP team by taking a case!

If you are interested in taking one of the following cases, please click on the case number to send an email to the VIP staff. Thank you!


  • 13-0034675

    Client needs assistance with a collections matter. Client has a default judgment against him from 30 years ago.  Client's license was suspended because the judgment remains outstanding. Client has tried to enter into a payment plan so that client can pay off this debt but the opposing party has not been willing to negotiate with him.  Client needs assistance to reach an affordable payment agreement so that he can obtain a license.

    Core Competencies: Courtroom Experience, Draft Pleadings


  • 13-0034144

    Client, a senior, is living in the family home titled in his deceased parents’ names. His father predeceased his mother; the property is in his mother's estate. Client’s mother died intestate leaving 9 children, 5 of whom are still living and 4 of whom who are deceased. Client has received statements from all but one family member relinquishing their interests in the home. The remaining heir is estranged from the family but is believed to be living in Philadelphia. An attorney is needed to help client administer his mother’s estate, including filing an Inheritance Tax Return. Client seeks title to the home in order to resolve tax and water bill issues.
    Core Competencies: Administrative Agency Practice, Client Interviewing.

  • 14-0036305

    Client resides in a property titled in her deceased husband’s name. Although he purchased the property before they married, once they married, he had a deed drafted including both of their names. Unfortunately, that deed was never signed by her husband. When client’s husband died in 2003, the property became a part of his estate. Client and her step-son are the only heirs to the property. Client’s step-son is willing to transfer his interest in the property to client. Client needs assistance raising her husband’s estate and transferring title of the property into her name.

    Core Competencies: Administrative Agency Practice, Client Interviewing

Real Property

  • 100024

    Client, who is disabled, resides in a home that was formerly two adjacent properties whose physical structures were combined into one many years ago. The house still straddles two different street addresses and tax parcel numbers.  Both parcels were previously owned by the same corporation and encumbered by one mortgage taken out in 1998. In 2007, only one of the properties was technically sold at Sheriff's sale for delinquent real estate taxes.  The successful bidder at the Sheriff's sale sold the first property to our client in 2008, with a title insurance company insuring the transfer and with a mortgage taken out by our client. Seemingly, all parties involved thought that both parcels were being jointly sold, and client has maintained possession of both parcels since 2008. Client has regularly paid the real estate taxes owed on the first parcel, but the taxes on the second parcel remain unpaid.  The corporation that is the record owner of the second parcel is not actively conducting business anymore.  VIP filed a claim against the title company that insured the purchase of the first parcel; however, the title company stated that the second parcel was not covered under the policy. An attorney is needed to assist client in analyzing any equitable or legal avenue he may have to obtain title to the second parcel.  If that is successful, client will also need assistance in dealing with the delinquent real estate taxes on the second parcel and in consolidating the two parcels into one; a City Law Department attorney is familiar with this matter and willing to work with a VIP attorney on the real estate tax issues.
    Core Competencies: Negotiation Skills, Client Interviewing



  • 13-0034379

    Senior client seeks assistance in drafting an updated version of his will. Another volunteer attorney previously helped him with the original will but later discovered that one of the client's contingent beneficiaries is a disabled adult. New version will necessitate language for a Special Needs Trust. A Word document of the client's current will is available for review.

    Core Competencies: Drafting, Client Interviewing